Grand Rapids Improv Festival Bound!

We’re happy to announce that all of our current improv productions have been accepted into the Grand Rapids Improv Festival!  Shows will be on Saturday November 4th, 2017!  Tickets go on sale soon.  We invite you to join us and enjoy all of the hilarity that abounds from different parts of the country in Grand Rapids!

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Let’s Get Physical! Physical!

One of the best tools to use when you’re on stage is your body.  It’s such a simple thing to use.  You use it every day but somehow it’s completely negated when we go up on stage.  We feel that we need to demonstrate our wit and comedic prowess through our words when our bodies can do it more quickly and easily many times.  Physical practitioners such as The Three Stooges, Lucille Ball, Jerry Lewis, Charlie Chaplin, John Ritter, Penny Marshall, Rowan Atkins, and Michael Richards made a living being physical in their work and they’re now immortalized in pop culture for it.  So, how do we get to join the pantheon of physical comedic masters?

Safety First

Make sure you take care of yourself when getting physical...

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We’ve Joined NIETF!

Improductions, LLC is happy to announce that we’ve join the Northwest Indiana Excellence In Theater Foundation (NIETF), a 501c3 organization that unites and promotes over 15 different member theatre companies in the Northwest Indiana area to bring the arts to the community.  In cooperation with NIETF, we will be working through out the year to create and present original works of theatre from sketch comedy to improv to musicals.  We’re very excited to start this new venture!

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Game On! Free Yourself By Playing Along!

Check your head! Run game on 'em!Improvisers like to think of themselves as “smarter than the average bear”.  We’re required to know a lot of trivial information as we perform in front of pop culture savvy patrons willing to through the most obvious (or obscure) suggestions at us at the top of a show or game.  We devour a lot of TV, music, film, and literature to stay on top of things.  We involve ourselves socially in new groups to shake things up and gain life experiences we draw from on stage.  We travel to new locations to pick up new accents, characters, and languages to enrich our palette of initiations...

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Improv Tip: Do Something!

In this segment, Nelson discusses how to overcome your fear of initiating scenes with help from Mick Napier’s book “Improvise: Scene from the Inside Out”.

Puchase Mick’s book here:

For mroe helpful improv-related articles and resources, please visit

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