We’ve been kicking around the Chicagoland/NWI area for a while now.  We’ve decided to hit the road a little bit

October 7, 2018
We’ve Launched our Patreon Fundraiser!

It’s been a very good year for Improductions and its teams.  We’ve performed in over 20 original showcases this year,

June 24, 2018
Commitment > Skill (A Beastie Boys Affair)

I recently taught my Beyond Hamilton improv workshop to a bunch of eager and talented actors at the San Diego

February 22, 2018
Taste VS. Taboo

I remember sitting in my first or second class of a beginner improv program. My teacher, who was lovely and

December 30, 2017
When Improv Is the ‘But’ of the Joke

The Chicago Reader posted an article by standup comic Peter-johns Byrne as part of their “Worst In Chicago” issue titled

December 22, 2017
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