Taste VS. Taboo

I remember sitting in my first or second class of a beginner improv program. My teacher, who was lovely and

December 30, 2017
When Improv Is the ‘But’ of the Joke

The Chicago Reader posted an article by standup comic Peter-johns Byrne as part of their “Worst In Chicago” issue titled

December 22, 2017
Quit With Class

At some point in every improviser’s career, they come to crossroads and they ask themselves if continuing with improv is

December 10, 2017
Making Your Scene Work C.L.E.A.R.

I’ve been doing improv for the last 12 years now and I still feel like an idiot when I go

November 23, 2017
Congratulations to Improduction Members at NIETF Gala!

Congratulations to Angela Heid and Nelson Velazquez on their recent Northwest Indiana Excellence in Theater Foundation (NIETF) nominations and/or wins! 

October 22, 2017
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