Let’s Get Physical! Physical!

One of the best tools to use when you’re on stage is your body.  It’s such a simple thing to

August 24, 2017
We’ve Joined NIETF!

Improductions, LLC is happy to announce that we’ve join the Northwest Indiana Excellence In Theater Foundation (NIETF), a 501c3 organization

August 16, 2017
Game On! Free Yourself By Playing Along!

Improvisers like to think of themselves as “smarter than the average bear”.  We’re required to know a lot of trivial

August 3, 2017
Improv Tip: Do Something!

In this segment, Nelson discusses how to overcome your fear of initiating scenes with help from Mick Napier’s book “Improvise:

July 11, 2017
Audition Just To Audition? Should I Do It?

When first starting out in theater, we spend a ton of precious time and money training, going to shows, hanging

July 10, 2017
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